Breast Reduction - Breast Augmentation surgery loans
breast reduction loans - breast augmentations loans
Breast Reduction - Breast Augmentation surgery loans

Imagine lowering the cost of a breast reduction...Imagine being able to budget breast augmentation costs…      
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Image Finance is dedicated to helping reduce the upfront cost of breast reduction and breast augmentation. Based on National statistics, only one in four adult Americans can afford to pay cash for a procedure costing $500 or more. Image Finance understands that breast reduction surgery costs, be it elective or otherwise, can seem unattainable. Breast augmentation costs can be equally expensive. But that doesn’t mean you’re at a loss.

Image Finance works closely and confidentially with patients, offering manageable financing to ease the cost of a breast reduction and breast augmentation for everyone. The days of patients saving up money to pay for their breast augmentation or reduction procedures out of pocket are long gone. Patient financing is available to increase cost-effectiveness, allowing patients to have their breast reduction or augmentation procedure now and pay for it later.

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Image Finance has proven that a well-run financing program can boost patient volume by 30% to 40%. Those are conservative numbers, especially in a practice where financing is used as a basis to increase breast augmentation cost affordability. New patients investigating the cost of a breast reduction, and breast augmentation, are drawn to providers that finally understand how procedures and services are paid for today: by affordable monthly payments.

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