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Why Finance?

National statistics show that only one in every four adult Americans can afford to pay cash for a procedure costing $500 or more. The days of patients saving up money to pay for their procedures out of pocket are long gone. Patient financing provided by lenders have allowed patients to have their procedure now and pay for it later.

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With Image Finance, you’re not selling a $4,000 elective procedure. You’re selling the ability to improve ones look for about $100 a month. Whether patients finance or pay cash you want to make it as easy as possible. Lets be honest, these days patients with cash in hand have become far and few.

For medical providers we understand you’re very busy and offering “in house” financing comes with too much of a risk of “non payment”. With that in mind you’ll quickly realize why this task is better left to patient financing. Together lets make financing an integral part of your offering with every patient you see.

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Image Finance has proven that a well-run financing program can boost patient volume by 30 to 40%. Those are conservative numbers especially in a practice where financing is used as a basis to increase affordability. New patients are drawn to providers that finally understand how procedures and services are purchased today: by affordable monthly payments.

Plastic Surgery is a specialty that deals with procedures that concentrate on remodeling and reconstructing body structures.

1) Most of the times it becomes difficult to meet all the expenses at the same time. People may have the money but it may be difficult for them to allot some part of it for the procedure/treatment which they badly need and which cannot be postponed. A little financial help saves the day.

2) Patients can pay in monthly installments, which mean they don’t have to make the full payment at the time of completion of the treatment. It can be paid over a period of time depending on the payment option they choose. In other words the patients can avail the treatment they need without much worrying about the total cost of that procedure which can be reimbursed through monthly payments; and if these monthly payments can be easily adjusted to their changing financial conditions it does the work of icing on the cake.

3) At times one may realize that the credit limit of the credit card is not sufficient enough to cover the full cost of elective surgery. Or it may be that one doesn’t want to use the credit card for this purpose. Patient financing proves to be a feasible option in these times.


4) Medical financing may prove to be advantageous if used for a period of time. It brings confidence in the patient and the doctor is also relieved as he knows that he will get his dues in full. It may help to improve the credit standing of patients who had credit problems in the past.

5) It also works wonders on the patient-doctor relationship. Since the patient is relieved that he/she can get quality treatment and most of the times from the doctor of his/her choice.

6) Most insurance companies do not cover all the costs of elective surgery. In such cases people have to resort to other means of cash/financing.

7) With the financial worries taken care of, one can concentrate other related aspects of the procedure. For many people finance is the biggest obstacle in the way of medical treatments. People postpone various treatments till the time it becomes indispensable for them to get it done. 

Patient financing eradicates various financial hurdles in the way of your treatments and helps maintaining a fair and favorable financial statement.


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