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Image Finance … Working with patients and medical pros to lower liposuction average costs with affordable financing options.

Image Finance works with both patients and medical providers to provide cost-effective solutions to not only liposuction prices, but also various other surgery costs. National statistics show that only one in every four adult Americans can afford to pay cash for a procedure costing $500 or more. Image Finance recognizes the need to ease liposuction costs for everyone.

Liposuction average costs vary depending on all sorts of components. As a liposuction patient, and because it’s often elective surgery, getting the lowest liposuction prices can be a very daunting task. But Image Finance is here to offer affordable financing to help manage the liposuction costs.

As medical financing professionals, Image Finance helps you offer liposuction surgery to patients in a way that allows them to finance their surgery, making it an attainable goal.

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Medical Providers of Liposuction.
Liposuction Loans

Liposuction Average Cost can seem enormous to new patients. With Image Finance you’re not selling a $4,000 elective procedure. You’re offering the ability to improve ones look for about $100 a month. When patients are investigating liposuction costs, they’ll end up choosing to finance or pay cash. Either way, you want to make it as easy as possible. Lets be honest, these days patients with cash in hand have become few and far between.

We understand that liposuction prices often require financing options. We also understand that medical providers of liposuction procedures are very busy -- and offering “in house” financing can come with a very high risk of non-payment.

With that in mind, we’re confident you’ll agree that this task is better left to Image Finance. Together lets make liposuction average costs readily available with financing as an integral part of your offering to every patient.


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